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I'm in the market for a 1000-1500 gallon spirit storage tank and I'm trying to figure out the best and most economical way to gauge it. Up until now I've used relatively small tanks and have just forklifted them onto a 3x3 platform scale that I have. What is the best solution for weighing the contents of a tank of this size? The only option I know of is installing load cells into the stand - I was quoted $4,000 by a local scale guy for the load cells and indicator (not including installation) which seems like it might be a bit high. Are there any online shops you'd recommend that may be more competitive? Or is there a different setup/method I should be considering?

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4 hours ago, Blackheart said:

Pallet Jack scale.  Not the most accurate, but works for us.

We recently looked into getting a ~750 gallon stainless IBC for spirits--when full it basically exceeds the weight limit of any pallet jack scale (and most forklifts).  It's the part of scaling up that requires a bit of extra thinking (and $).

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