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Used Complete Automated Bottling Line

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Hey everyone. We are upgrading our bottling line and are preparing to sell our existing line.

We have a 2016 In-Line system that has a 4 head filler with an over pressurized and explosion proof control panel, an automatic CCR Engineering Model D T-Corker, 2-Label labeler with hot stamp label coder, and a heat shrink tunnel.  It will include an unscrambling and a collection table.   We have a manual air sparger table too, but I think we will hold on to this.


Filler: Economy Filler | InLine Packaging Systems, Inc.

Corker: Conveyor System | CCR Engineering (designccr.com)

Labeler: Paradigm 700 VS Labeler | InLine Packaging Systems, Inc.

We upgraded the product pump for the unit and it makes use and cleanup super easy. 

Depending on when our new equipment comes in, this may be available in early September 2021.   

Throughput on this line is about 300BPH.  But that is going kind of easy.  

Attached is a line drawing of the system and we plan to post videos and photos soon.

Asking price is $70k and we can even have the buyer come and see it in action and learn the system before we disassemble it.  

Watch this space for more details.



Google drive links to videos:






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On 7/30/2021 at 12:04 PM, Georgeous said:

would you be interested in just selling the corking system? i have the same filler you have but a six head with capper. Some of my bottles require corks. does yours also handle shrinks to go on top of them

Sorry, but we wont part out the system. 

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