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Why do all vodka distillers not use demineralized water?


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I concur with SlickFloss, pure water is odd on the palate. It feels incredibly thin to me with all minerality stripped out. However, the limited vodka experience I have involved RO water and it made for a good product.

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You can't really taste test pure water, meaning very low TDS RO, or RO/DI.

What you taste is going to be largely influenced by whatever food, drink, or otherwise might be existing in your mouth.  Not to mention the pH of the water will almost immediately shift to the pH of your saliva, as it has no buffering capacity at all.  Won't get into whatever soap residue might be on a glass, plasticizers that exist on the surfaces of plastic cups, etc etc.  Everyone is going to have a different opinion, as the gunk that's existing in all their mouths are different.

Realistically, the only way to really determine the difference is to do a blind triangle test.  Fancy stuff, but simple to do.

Dilute two samples with whatever waters you'd like.  Label these X and Z.  Hand these to someone else and walk away.

Without watching, have that someone pour three glasses, 2 of which are the same.  Have them make a note of which are which, but don't tell you.

Try all three samples.

Pick the best.

Pick which two are the same.

If you can't with nearly 100% certainty identify the pair, you are imagining the difference, because there is no difference.

Replicate this with a bunch of customers, if they can reliably identify the pair, what they say is better, is probably the one you should use.


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