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[Pseudo] Lincoln County Process


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Anyone ever played around with LCP or variations on it? We've been experimenting on some really silly greasy ferments we've been doing. 


We modified by using activated carbon, letting sit in tank in walk in for a few weeks stirring every other day, then filtering out. More literally like chill filtration I guess now that Im writing it. We've also used jumbo lump maple charcoal same process. Have also tried throwing some polishing DE in with both types of carbon. 


Pretty interesting results, definitely takes tons of flavor out of product, which depending on the individual batch could be good or bad!


Anyone else playing around like this? I am trying to build a "sock" for a 275 ss cube, which I imagine is more similar to how Jack is doing theirs. Idea being fill the cube with fresh coal. fill to top with new make spirit, let drain out the bottom using the sock to self filter carbon.


Random Question. Doesn't some carbon need exceptionally cold temperatures to activate its odor absorbing properties? If so, does the traditional LCP process utilize this chill? Or do they skip it?



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To me, and I am no historian, the LCP is about a primitive way to make what in essence is vodka before column stills and and not having to redistill several times. It allowed folks to make a mediocre distillate into something neutral. Then you dump it into a barrel to get flavor. You also pick up some flavor of the wood that was used to make the charcoal also. I had a discussion somewhere*, I think here, with someone and they had mentioned using different woods, including fruit, to give the distillate a minor essence of that fruit. I think for the LCP it allowed a more consistent flavor profile by reducing any flavors coming over from the distillate. At that point you're only dealing mostly with wood flavors. It makes the blender's job easier.

At this point in my speech about the LCP I normally start ranting about how most American spirits are about the barrel and not the distillate but I haven't had anything to drink tonight so I'll spare you that part...


*Found it:


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