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My protocol for a 100% whole raw wheat mash, critique sought


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8 minutes ago, Pofarmer said:

What water are you using? Are you treating for Chlorine's and choramines? I was having trouble with stuck mashes before I started using either sodium Nitrate or Campden tablets to blow of the Chlorine and chloramine from district water.

I am using mains water, I should get it tested really.

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i have repeated my process using the llalemand enzymes.


from 100kg of wheat and 340litres total volume i got 300litres of wash.


this fermented dry in 2 days

stripped it and have 27.4 litres of pure alcohol (75 litres at 36% abv)

meaning my 300l of wash was 9.1% abv.


is it worth increasing wheat kg for increased yield? or are these numbers decent enough?

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