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Recycling heat transfer oil


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I talked to a guy who collects oil from various outlets that change oil in automobiles about recycling the heat transfer oil from our Baine Marie.  He suggested putting it on Craigslist to be used in an oil burning stove.  Anyone know if this is a good or bad idea?

The oil I am trying to recycle is Lotus G35.  The specs are here.  https://www.lotos.pl/en/859/p,913,c,577/for_business/industrial_lubes/multi-_purpose_oils/heating_oil_g_35#tab-1

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Waste mineral oil can be burned as heating fuel for residential and industrial premises.
You just sell your oil :) and you should not worry about further problems - environmental issues (harmful emissions) lie on who will use this oil.

I think (sure) that if the oil does not contain heavy metals and hazardous chemicals, then there will be no problems. The oil used as a heat conductor in distillers usually has food safety certification.

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