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Anyone gone cashless with their tasting room?

Cash vs. Card-only tasting room  

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  1. 1. How important is accepting cash in your tasting room?

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    • Could be ditched

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We're gearing up to open our tasting room and I was wondering what people with public tasting rooms had to say about going cashless or card-only? 

I've run a retail store in the past and cash was a constant headache while only accounting for around 5% of transactions. From what I have been told, a bar-type environment is quite different. Can anyone chime in on their experience with dealing with cash in the tasting room? 

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We've been cashless from day one 2 1/2 years.  You get the occasional moan and groan from a customer, but I love the fact my staff doesn't need to worry about counting cash at the end of their shifts, theft issues, and I do have to run to the bank to make deposits.  Most customers are earning points on their cards these days anyway.

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