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Tours, Bottle Your Own Set Up


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We are looking to see if anyone has any resources as far as any companies that could build us something for our tasting room, looking for some sort of " bottle your own" bottle of vodka and bourbon set up, I know Vendome has done a few but were looking for something a little more as a showpiece, if you know where/who to contact that can make these custom ones send me a message! I know Angels envy has a nice one, so does Michters, Hendrix Gin, etc looking for something along these lines

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We have one we made ourselves


have to order the volumetric filler custom


wrve been audited on this twice already so be careful! As soon as they hear you’re doing this they will come, and if you’re not nuts on (we were) you’re fucked 


also, no one will build this for you affordably. Contract it out for cash or do it yourself. Definitely reccomend getting a verified/certified volumetric filler 



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Hey DWBM1, we are currently working on something like this with a brand new distillery. I'm not sure of the specifics and requirements of what you've got in mind, but please dm or email me and we can talk more. steve@crusystems.com  We've worked with over 100 ADI members and have a stellar reputation for our pricing and customer service.  Cru Bottling Systems



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