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Anyone else having problems with Tapi stoppers?


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We've been using the Enblock synthetic monoblock T-top stoppers from Tapi for about 10 years.  Same bottle and same stopper, without previous issues.  However we've had a problem the last couple batches of stoppers being too hard insert or remove.  I have QC samples of old bottles from years back, and can replicated the same issue with them, so I don't believe it's a case of my bottle changing.  However they report no change in their own materials or process, and that none of their other customers have complained.  The implication being it's not their problem.

So I thought I would check if anyone else here has any feedback or seen any issues themselves?

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Yup, I've seen for the last couple months that some don't seat down all the way. There might be a ~1mm gap and I can't get it to go down further. Maybe 10-20% of the ones I've used recently. However, that's only for the larger ones I have, the smaller ones don't have this issue though the bottle opening may be slightly bigger in the smaller stopper case.

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I'm glad to hear I'm not crazy, and not the only one that has had a problem.  For those of you that have seen issues with difficult insertions/removals, have you inquired about the issue with Tapi?  Did you get a response?

They did previously tell me there is lubricant applied to the rubber stoppers, but it can evaporate over time.  They tested the first batch of stoppers I was having trouble with and said they were out of spec, and did replace them for me with newly made stoppers.  However the new stoppers are also much tighter than what we've gotten in years past.  Wetting the stoppers with product makes them easy to insert, so lubrication certainly seems a potential issue, but still a bit of head-scratcher on why it's still an issue with brand new corks.  Unfortunately wetting the cork to get it into the bottle doesn't make extraction any easier after it's sit around a few days, so it's not something I want to send out into the market and frustrate someone's grandma like a stubborn pickle jar lid.



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I have been having this exact problem as well. However, I am using a different supplier than Tapi. Although it's possible it's manufactured by the same factory.

Previously, my bartops had an incredibly precise fit. Easy insertion, great consistency. No problems at all for years.

Over the past few years, I started getting a lot of problems. A lot of difficult insertions and once they were in, they were very hard to remove.

I contacted my supplier and they suggested inconsistencies in the glass. I also use Piramal glass, but haven't bought any of the glass made in India yet.

I decided to test this claim that the glass was at fault. On my next bottling run, I separated out all of the too-tight bartops. Then I measured all of them with a digital caliper, and also measured some good bartops.

The difference in the data was clear. The bartops that were too tight were all somewhat larger than the good ones.

I contacted the supplier and they agreed to take the overly large bartops back on credit.

The story continues. I was later discussing this with my Piramal glass supplier. They also distribute the same bartops that I use. They had some very interesting information. They knew all about the problem with inconsistent shank size and said they had heard about it from several customers. Further, they said that the manufacturer was waiting on a specialist from Europe to come to USA and fix their machine.

Hopefully the specialist has long since arrived and the problem is solved. I'll find out when I order again.

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YES, I have been having problems with Tapi closures too!  Our issue is separation of the wood bartop from the synthetic cork.  Tapi claims these are 'co-molded', but the failing closures are clearly glued to the wood.  We'd been seeing failure rates up to 50% during the bottling process, and have been getting customer complaints from failures in the field.  We use two sizes, and they have different failure modes:  the 21.5mm ones 'spin' - the cork part rotates inside the wood, making it really hard to get the cork out.  The 19.5mm ones simply tear completely out of the wood part - leaving just a nub that requires a pair of pliers to get out!

Most disappointing is the complete lack of response from Tapi.  I called my rep several times, with no response.  Then I left messages on their main number - nothing.  I reached out via their online contact form - crickets.  I finally switched to another supplier (ACIC), but have 10k stoppers that can't be used and no recourse.  Frustrating!!

My advice: Avoid Tapi at all costs!


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So I believe I was able to find a solution to the problem I was having.  As I was comparing old (good) corks with new (bad) corks, I noticed the old ones felt a bit softer.  So I purchased a durometer hardness tester and checked the actual hardness of the stoppers.  The new stoppers were measurably harder/stiffer.  After Tapi looked into it again they did confirm the material can have different density from the plant, and said we can specifically request a lower density stopper.  So we had them run a new batch of lower density stoppers, and so far they seem to be working normally like they used to.

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