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Packaging supplies for sale (bottles and enclosures)

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We have changed direction and now have a surplus of glass bottles and enclosures to sell.
FOB 47448
Email: derekclifford@bwqoht.com
Nashville Bottles (Square shape) 750ml - 20,844 bottles available
6 per case, 84 cases/504 bottles per pallet
21.5mm bore
Packaged in HT Sipes Boxes.
$1.50 per
$9 a case
$756 a a pallet
Nashville (Square shape) 375ml bottles -  13,200 bottles / 1,100 12 pack cases available
Bartop cork finish
30mmx12mmx19.75 cord fits this bottle.
$1.00 per
$12.00 per case
Nashville 50ml Bottles (Square shape) - 110,880 bottles / 1440 - 77 pack cases - 
KERR type enclosure threaded
.35 per
Nashville Corks - 10,633
DistillCork - 34x14/22.8 mm Wood topped stained Mocha Brown
Price: .45 per
Nashville Sleeves - 173,208 Available
Size = 36x50 BT
Top: 2 holes "Plain" Clear
Skirt: Clear
Tear Tape: Black @ 32mm from bottom
Box qty: 5808
Price: .05 per
Blackwell Bottle - 2,955 cases available
6 packs - 84 cases per pallet
packed in printed cases, upside down ready to drop.
Printed case is not part of the cost, considering it a loss, please recycle.
$1.25 per
$7.50 a case
$630 a pallet
Green Capsule - 210,330 available to purchase
Top: 2 Hole "Plain" Muschio
Skirt: Muschio
Tear Tape: Gold@ 37mm from Bottom*
Box qty varies - 7800 or 10,010
Price: .05 per
Jimmy Lee Bottle 750ml - 19,320 bottles available
6 pack cases / 840 per pallet / plain white boxes
$1.45 per
$8.70 per case
$1218 per pallet
Jimmy Lee Cork - 7000 available
30x12mm/19.5mm Antique Black
Syn Shank with Wood Top Blk matte
Price: .25 per

three nashville bottles.png

Syn shank cork wood blk top 30x12mm19.5mm.png

Jimmy Lee Bottle 750ml.png

Green Capsule 31x50BT two hole gold tear tag.png

Blackwell Bottle 750ml.png

Nashville Cork_34x1422.8mm Mocha brown wood topped.png

50ml Nashville Bottle.png

375ml Nashville bottle.png

750ml Nashville bottle.png

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Hi Derek,

I emailed about one pallet of the Nashville 750ml with corks and sleeves....are you interested in selling one pallet? Are they in 6 or 12 bottle boxes? Coming from Indiana?


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