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FDA Number?

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Is anyone aware of any requirement to obtain an FDA number for bourbon. I am aware of this for beer, wine and imports, but not for bourbon. I have a CA distributor asking for this number....



I would interpret them as asking for your registration number for your DSP that produces are handles the bourbon, I am not aware of a number generated for the product itself.

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Wes, Registering is pretty easy and response is quick. Go to the FDA and see what you are required to do.

It is not for Bourbon or beer or wine, the product, it is for the facility producing or warehousing the product. FDA wants to be able to track back to the producing facility. My understanding , could be wrong, is the Plant of production is to be registered. DSP's are producers of beverage ready products. To be consumed. DSP's and other domestic production houses must register with the FDA. The more vulnerable your products are, the more FDA has to worry about you. Dairy,Fruit,Veggies, fish, etc. If you were packing Frog Legs in Cambodia you would need your Cambodian plant inspected and monitored by FDA if you wished to sell/import to the USA. (I processed/re-packed-on-shore this type product a lifetime ago). FDA is concerned with sanitation, ingredients (GRAS) and packaging and process, etc.

You comment "using my bottler's FDA registration number" means you are not the producer and could make you of no concern if the product is just a "Pass-through". But surley, check it out. Give'em a call.

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