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For those of you who sell from your tasting rooms... How are you pricing it? Are you selling it at your suggested retail price? For instance if your suggested retail for liquor stores is $29.99 per bottle are you selling it from your tasting room for $29.99? Or more? Or less?

I'm thinking it would be best to either sell it for the suggested retail price for for a little bit more, so as to not undercut the local liquor stores.

Any one care to offer what they are doing and why?



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In KY, we bump up a couple bucks over the top price charged in local stores, for the reason you stated.

In TN, we can only sell "commemorative" bottles so there's no real comparison to retail.

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We sell for $1 more than the highest price charged by most area liquor stores. Our liquor customers are pleased with that. We also charge $3 for a tasting flight, but give the purchaser a $3 off coupon on one bottle. Again, local stores are fine with that- they recognize the marketing value of us selling while people are visiting and know people aren't going to come to us just to buy a bottle or two.

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