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Great place to do research for equipment purchases

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Hey all,

I was doing research on buying some SS tanks and came across this website called www.kinnek.com. You know how it's pretty time consuming and plain annoying to try to get quotes from these equipment suppliers? Well, this website make that a lot easier for me. Basically, you post what you need on there, and suppliers who sell it will get their salespeople to give you quotes right on the website. It was a lot faster than calling these suppliers, and I got enough quotes to really see what the market was like out there.

Anyways, thought I'd sure this nugget with the rest of you. Has anyone else used them before?

- Russ

P.S. forgot to mention that it is free

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Thanks for posting this. I just placed a post up there for the ever so elusive 'small used heat exchanger' that I've been on the steady hunt for. Curious to see if anything turns up.

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We have become pretty good at recognizing shilling. If you are affiliated with them, then as long as you share that information it is ok. It is pretty suspicious for a newcomer to make three posts, all referring to one service.

Also this forum is for legal distillers and those in the process of starting a legal distillery. We do allow media and bartenders to ask educational questions, but it isn't for the general public, home distillers, etc.

Russ, what is your status? Are you with the oenology program at Cornell?

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