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Coming back to Colorado.. Care for a visit?


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Hey Colorado Distillers,

Im headed out to Breckenridge between the 8th and 13th of January.. I figured i would post up in advance this time and see if anyone was up for a visit from a fellow distiller.

I think i remember there being a few of ya close by. I will have a rental car ( hopefully 4x4) so i can make a trek to come visit, but maybe an hour or so radius?

Look forward to some tasting! Ill be bringing some of my stuff with me too i hope.

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Dave -

I'll shoot you a message with my contact info. We just started distilling out in Buena Vista (1 hour+ from breck - depending on snow). There majority concentration of distilleries in CO are along the front range so it might make sense to head out that way, but if your more inclined to escape the city... we'd love to have you out here for a visit. BV is a beautiful spot (amazing mountains and killer hot springs) and you could day trip it from here over to Crested Butte to visit the Montanya Distillery as well. Of course, Breckenridge Distillery is right there in town for you (ask for Jordan) — possible walking distance depending on where your staying.

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