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Best state for a start up?

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In your opinions, what state, EAST of the Mississippi river would be the best state for a start up distillery?

I currently live in AL, would love to move back to GA, or maybe FL...but then again, I was raised in IL and all my family is still there.

The southern states seem obnoxious concerning self distribution, but the northern states like IL have huge excise taxes per gallon though self distribution is allowed.

Pros and cons...opinions?

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From the state point-of-view, I think Michigan. I am setting up in Illinois right now, and I have good local support, but the state and county requirements are real and the costs are far higher than Michigan. On the other hand, it was hard to get good local support where we had been working in Michigan. But that will vary from locale to locale, I expect. Illinois is not bad, right now, compared to many others, with its new craft distillery permit: you have on site sales for on and off premise consumption, and while other sales are through the tiered distributorships, there are a few distributors you can work with. But permit costs are high: basic permit is $1800/yr in Illinois compared to $100/yr in Michigan!

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After some serious research on my part, I think SC is currently getting my vote. If GA ever passes any kind of micro distillery laws, or even FL, they'd get my vote.

I wish I were in a different situation than I am in, I have 9 years left to do in my military service, but hopefully I can get this going the day I retire!

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