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Week long internship


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Why don't you just sign up for one of the many distilling courses on offer?

Or is internship your code word for free?

Well I just finished a class (paid) this weekend at a distillery and I have visited numerous others. Sorry, its the MBA in me that tells me to get all of the experience possible. In some of my visits to distilleries accross the country, many of them have entertained this offer just as long as I am not setting up in their back yard. Obviousluy no one ever offered this to you...;)

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Do you have a specific product or production process(es) in mind up for your distillery to be? Ex. would you be more inclined to seek experience working on a steam jacketed kristian carl still that spits out vodka -or- a direct fire potstill that runs rum? Possibly indiferent? Any time frame for when you might be looking to get this intership going?

I don't know that my facility can offer the learning exerience you're after (or maybe it can), but by sorting out some of the things above, I or someone else might be able to get you in touch with a distillery that'd be receptive to such an internship.

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Hello, I am looking for a week long internship at a distillery. Full discosure...we are opening our distillery in the Midwest, so I would imagine there would be no offers from that region. Please contact me if you would consider this. Thank you.


Not quite full disclosure: where in the Midwest. That is a very big place, and there may be many in the midwest that might not consider you competition because they are one or two states away. Or there could be someone in an adjacent state not in the nominal midwest that would consider you competition.

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We will be in the suburbs of Chicago (although I currently live in DC). The type of still we will be using will be steam jacketed. We will have a relatively narrow, focussed, product offering to include whiskey, rum, and brandy. I would take some leave with my day job and would be willing to travel. Thanks.

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Check out the distilling courses on http://www.ibd.org.uk/. It seems that your interests run the gamut of all three of the possibilities of the preperation of fermentable extract in their first module of their diploma in distilling (cereal, molasses, and grape).

I applaud your enthusiasm, but I'm not sure that you would get enough OJT at a distillery in a week to even be able to do a good job of cleaning the floor. I'd recommend either day trips to various distilleries (which would get you many different perspectives, which is a valuable thing), or an internship of at least two months at a single distillery so that you could really get yourself into the swing of things with your mentor.

Just my two cents,


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