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It behooves anyone interested in protecting their intellectual property to develop at least a rudimentary understanding of those areas of law. Even if you eventually hire an attorney, you will be a better legal services buyer if you have a fundamental understanding of the law. Many people misunderstand how it really works and, yes, there's a lot of bad information on the web. Fortunately, the explanation on the Patents and Trademarks Office web site is pretty good, making that an excellent place to start.

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And don't overlook effective use of copyright. You can't trademark all your artwork and designs, but they can be copyright. I have used Trademarkia, and it is reasonable with a nice notification service for status changes. But I have also applied directly using the USPTO electronic system, and it is easy and very inexpensive. But with trademarks, its GIGO. With either Trademarkia or USPTO self application, you have got to do all of your homework. I had that done once by a lawyer, and it ran over $2K for a single wordmark, and the outcome was determining it could not be secured.

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