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Mass Shine

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We are working on an event for June 23rd. We will have that date set in the next few days. I want to open the door to any Distillery doing white whiskey or moonshine. If you don't have distro in Mass we can help you out. Email me at Curtis@McMillanDistillery.com or call me 617.202.8906 to find out more.


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Curtiss, I don't belive that I will ahve my permits in time, but would like to set up somthing for the Mass market. I grew up in Bernardston, and come a long line of State Troopers, our clan is from the greater Boston area and two of my cousins are State Troopes now. Appalachian Mountian Spirits makes a great "Mountian Moonshine- Corn whisky". Let's talk when I get closer to a production date.


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I can help you. My name is Christopher Lalli... I am co-owner of Berkshire Brewing Company and we wholesale liquor and wine thru out the states of mass, ct...and RI... As well as our 16 beers. Fully licensed distributor/manufacturer.


We don't play the big distributor games, we've been doing this for over 18 years.

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The Mass Shine event was small but sucessful. Many who attended did not know that moonshine and or white whiskey was available. Now they know what rye, corn, barley tastes like without sitting in a barrel for years.

This is a new revolution in the Distilling world and I would recommend embracing it.

Any company looking for a strong small wholesaler/brewer/manufacturer for representation please send me an email at: chris@berkshirebrewingcompany.com

We work hard. We self distribute Ma, Ct, and Ri.

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