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KOTHE K900 400L (100gal) Potstill for SALE

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THE STILL IS NOW SOLD. Thank you for your interest.

We are upgrading to a larger still, and with our limited space, must replace the still we are currently using. It is a wonderful still, and we've built our business on it thus far!


  • Still is in EXCELLENT condition (nearly new), less than 3 years old
  • 240VAC single phase heated electric water bath (60kW)
  • Electrically controlled via digital temperature controller (provided)
  • 100 gallon pot capacity
  • 3 bubblecap column on top of pot, included sightglasses
  • Illuminated pot and sightglass
  • 4" ball valve discharge pipe
  • Safety features provided (pressure relief, collapse valve, steam check, etc.)
  • Dephlegmator with fine-tune control for maximum distillate control taste/proof
  • Condenser included, with cooling water collection tank
  • CIP system and pump included
  • Agitator motor included

Photos available at www.catoctincreek.com. Detailed photos available upon request.

Will be available in 3-6 mos depending on delivery of our new equipment. We will provide installation help at your facility.

Buyer must arrange transport, FOB Purcellville, VA.

Serious inquiries only! Please phone 540-751-8404 and ask for Scott. Or email scott@catoctincreek.com.

THE STILL IS NOW SOLD. Thank you for your interest.


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Great! Guess this means there will be more of your fantastic Rye Whiskey in the future? Wish you all the best with your upgrade Scott.

Thanks Aurthur. Look forward to seeing you!

And FYI, for everyone else. The still is SOLD. Thanks for your interest.

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