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Need pricing on a still


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I am looking for a company that can make a decent pot still that isn't priced too high. Was looking in a range so please email me if you build pot stills.


Thank you

Brian Endicott

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We have some really nice copper pot stills with regular heads or with reflux towers electric or gas fired. 1,000 gallons with 16'6" reflux tower for $19,290.00. 300 gallon all copper with reflux tower $13,850.00 each. 100 gallon all copper with reflux tower $6,715.00 Made with pride in the USA. Also if you go with a stainless boiler the price is even less. We hope to have these on our web site within the next couple of days at http://distillery-equipment.com For more info including photos of the stills email us at mitchellhollow@starband.net

Paul Hall

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