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hi pressure9pa,

have you been able to access any good reading material on distillery start ups or whiskey production?

i found this online, http://www.mhtg.org/...aftbook.pdf. i haven't finished reading it yet, but so far it doesn't have much information about actually starting up a distillery.

Frankly, the best reading I've done is here. I took a weekend day, and literally read every thread on this board, followed a lot of links, and made a lot of notes. I have also visited 11 distilleries and asked a lot of questions. I was very surprised at the willingness to share information. I also met with a potential distributor, which was very informative and changed my approach to inventory planning and product offerings.

As for the nuts and bolts of distilling, I would reccomend a class offered by one of the ADI members who offers them, and perhaps peruse www.homedistiller.org/forums .

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