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Hello from transplanted WNY'er

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Hi to everyone.

I grew up around the Finger Lakes (Corning) and sold glycol chillers to wineries around there as part of the product line I sold.

Since moving to Atlanta area I have sold chillers to a few micro-distillers and was happy to bump across this website- good stuff here!

I have noticed a couple of your members I supplied chillers to as well.

I have to laugh when I read a post about hard cider- when I was little on the farm my grandparents owned (it had an apple orchard, too), my father found some cider in the cellar of the house many years after my grandfather died and couldn't pass up the urge to take a swig. He never said (or maybe couldn't) what it tasted like.

If anyone has any questions about water/glycol chilling or storage refrigeration, I'd be glad to help out, if possible.

Mike Gronski

MG Thermal Consulting


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