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Redistilling to reduce taste


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I have a small batch of double pot distilled grape wine, only 80 litres at 70%abv

It is a small once off, but it still has too much flavour and odour for the customer, he doesn't want it turned to vodka, just a little less "character"

My still holds 600 litres so I am asking for suggestions on the best way to redistill.

I think I need to break it down from 70%abv to about 40%. 140 litres will then be a reasonable amount in the still.

I redistill and throw out some more foreshots, and throw out the tails.

I assume I will then have a more neutral spirit.

I don't want to buy carbon filters as this is a one off.

Is this the way others would this?

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The easy way is to get a bag of activated charcol, rinse it well to get rid of the tiny, dusty stuff, triclamp a couple of coffee filters to the bottom of 18" or so spool, perferably with a screen to help support the filters and run it thru. Each run will remove and soften the flavor.

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The only reason I am hesitant about carbon is I don't have any carbon or a filtering device, and it is probably only a once off.

I think it will take much more time to find carbon and build a basic filter and then run it.

Distilling would take less time and cost is minimal as I run the still on waste veg oil.

But if the general opinion is that carbon would be better then I will find out where to buy carbon locally.

Thanks for the input

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Too much taste or body is easily solved with a redistill if you want to. I'd cut it with water by at least half as you've already proposed. Take these "low wines" and redistill them with appropriate cuts again. If you have a dephlemator on your still with the ability to achieve full reflux, I'd attempt to keep the still in full reflux mode for a period of time to compress the undesirable fores and heads. Immediately following this, a slow draw off period to eliminate the fores and heads would be in order.

After this I'd draw hearts in the normal fashion for your still. You would decrease the negative flavors by doing this, while maintaining flavor that carbon stripping (filtering) would remove from the spirit. As long as you cut the spirit at the appropriate point, you will have a nice product that your customer should find satisfactory.

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