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Our 125 Gallon Pot Still Progress


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Nice looking work so far! Tell more about the still please! Is it steam powered or electric? Are you planing a column with plates or will this be a pot still? Are you building it yourself or using a fabrication shop? Looking forward to more pictures. I realize most people don't like to give specifics, however, would you be willing to give what kind price range you looking at for total work vs. the big guys (Vendome, Kothe, Carl)?

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Hi Jerry

It took some time, blood, sweat and tears but the still is up and running....rather well I might add. Midway through the build we decided to switch from a bain marie heating system to steam. We also switched from a copper kettle to stainless with a copper head. She runs like the wind and we're thrilled it. Now we just need to come up with a name for her. I'll try and post some pictures here in the near future.

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