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Time for the formal intro

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First I would like to thank all of the members for their knowledge and posts on this forum. You have helped with those little tidbits of information that are very valuable in starting down this path. And again, I thank you.

Now for good stuff. We submitted our filing to the TTB today online for our DSP. We will be known as Wiggly Bridge Distilleries (there is a story there) and we are located in York Beach, Maine. It is the town that I grew up in and have operated our 44 yo family business for the past 20 years. I am second generation and the third is now stepping up to the plate and wants to expand on what we do.

So my son and I have been studying micro distilleries for the past year and believe we can make a contribution to the industry along with a little profit. And we understand it will be little profits for a while. But anything worth doing takes time and hard work. All of which is how we do things.

Our current business units are quite varied as you can see if you go to our website, woodsfamilyinc.com. We feel with gaining additional knowledge and learning from our mistakes as we make them, this can turn into a very viable business to be proud of while creating products people will enjoy over the years.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the various events and others in my travels.

I bid you all good fortunes, good health and most of all good spirits.

Dave Woods

Wiggly Bridge Dilstillries

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