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Distilled ginger beer, name suggestions please


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I have distilled several hundred litres of my alcoholic ginger beer that was left over from a festival.

Very sippable when cut to about 45% abv.

But I have no idea what to call it.

I am not constrained by TTB so almost anything goes. I guess it is an unaged "rum" because the alcohol comes from cane sugar. It is not a normal spiced rum because it is spiced pre fermentation.

The still was fired with waste cooking oil from the festival so a name that hints at recycling or sustainability would be great.

I will be taking the spirit back to next year's festival which prides itself with recycling and composting.

If someone comes up with a good name that I use, I will try to send you a sample bottle of the GBSpirit(the best name I have come up with so far)

Activate your creative minds.


Pete Bignell

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Your folks might not understand it, but here in the USA something relating to a '3 hour cruise' or a boat named the 'Minnow" might be appropriate, given that Ginger is in the mix.

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Thanks Porter, but I think that might be a bit too cryptic.

I didn't watch many of the shows, but did they have a still?

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Tweak it with a bit of chilli and call it "Red Hot Ginga" or maybe then add a splash of liquid smoke and you've got "Smokin' Hot Ginga"

There was 10 Kg of chillies in the batch. A couple of bartenders visited my distillery yesterday and had a taste of it, they mentioned the chillie taste.

"Red Hot Ginga" is sounding good

My daughter gave me some of those spirit essences from New Zealand, sure there is a bottle of smoke there so I will give it a try. :unsure:

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I must say, I didn't realize how nice of a ring Red Hot Ginger had to it until I imagined it with a Kiwi accent (I'll admit that I can't tell the difference between a Kiwi and a Tazzy accent. I live a hemisphere away... you guys can cut me some slack, right?)

Anyway, it got me thinking of one of my favorite movies, and in going with your "recycling" theme I thought that I'd throw out "Dr. Frankenginger's Rum" for consideration.


P.S. Let me know what awesome Tazzy movie I should watch to broaden my dialect knowledge Pete.

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Keep them coming, they are getting better. If we get enough I will put them up to a local selection panel. What about Frankengingers Moonshine?

Might have to send 2 samples to 2 winners

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Had a suggestion from a local distillery "Ninger Ginger"

Punkin, I like the RRR, although it is a "rum" because the alcohol comes from cane sugar

GingeRRRum --- in fine print Reduced volume via distillation, Re-used leftover ginger beer, Recycled cooking oil to fire the still

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I keep wanting to blurt out "gingerhammer"......

Triple Ginge RRR Brandy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

I'm in Nsw too so easy to send me thesample. :lol:

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I have decided to call it "R.R.R. Ginger Hammer"

So there will be 2 prizes to send out. Could you two winners PM me your postal details.

I think it is Punkin at StillDragon; yours will be easy to post.

leftturndistilling may be slightly harder but I am sure I can get it to you.

A friend of mine has released a fantastic and very high ABV barrel strength single malt called "Velvet Hammer". I had to point out to him that I did not plagerise his name because the suggestion came from USA. He wasn't overly upset as he has almost sold out.

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Very Cool Pete !!!.... Look forward to it ...

2 sample bottles are on the way. You will probably get them later next week.

One of RRR Ginger Hammer and one of my White Rye.

Freight was no extra for 2 bottles.

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Hi Pete .... Sorry I haven't gotten back to you , I've been knee deep in tryin to get my distillery finished .... I did get the samples... The RRR ginger hammer is awesome!!!... Never tasted anything like it... And you rye whiskey is great,,, it tastes like fresh barley !! Really cool !!.... As soon as I get up and goin I'll send you some of mine.. Thanxxx again.... Brian

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