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We finally got a logon for the Pay.gov site and are now able to submit TTB forms electronically. Stupid question, but are the forms (in this case the 5000.24) submitted automatically when you "save" the form? On other sites like this, saving the form usually only means it's been saved so you can come back and work on it later without loosing any of the information you previously entered. After you are done, normally you "submit" the form, but I don't see anything like that here. (However, I do see a "Submitted" option on the left-side menu and if I click on it, it says "No submitted forms are available for display.")

What am I missing here? How do I "submit" the form??


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No, saving is putting them in the saved category. You have to submit them to submit. It is a good practice to fill out and save all the forms before submitting them. Be careful: in some browsers, if you hit the return key while completing fields, it will submit the entire form. As best I can tell, if that happens, the only way to correct it is to amend the form. You can't delete it or unsubmit it. I call this a bug rather than a feature. At the least, if hitting a return will submit the form, there should be a pop up confirmation window programmed into it.

The stuff on the left side are your archives. The submitted forms are in Submitted, the saved forms in the Saved, etc.

You can't submit until you get to the last page of the forms. Are you in the form and not hitting Next to get to the next page?

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Thanks Bluestar! There isn't really a "next" but there are sub-pages, an Adjustments page and a Liabilities page. One the Liabilities page, there is a "Finished" button that then takes you to a submit page. Missed that when I first went through this thing, but now got it figured out because of your suggestion. Thanks again.

whiskeytango - we're in the same boat! Good luck!

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