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Two Distilleries - One address

Bier Distillery

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I thought I'd seen this referenced somewhere but a search didn't turn any thing up.

Is it possible on both a Federal and State (Michigan) level for two separate small distillers (MI definition) to share the same address, production space, equipment and tasting room? Is some sort of alternating premise possible (or even necessary)? If yes, how about the bonded area? Probably that would need to be separate?

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Yes, alternating premises are dealt with in the CFR. Michigan also allows it. You have to submit paperwork each time your alternate. It specifically applies to the bonded premise. On the other hand, tasting rooms, sales rooms, etc., are governed only by the Michigan law, and that might not allowed shared space. When I looked at sharing with a winery, for example, we had to have separate tasting/sales space, although they could be in the same building, we think. We never followed through.

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