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Old Glory Distilling Co. | Clarksville, TN

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First of all, my introduction is long overdue. This forum has been instrumental in guiding me through everything from the initial idea to where I am today. Ideas are finally coming off paper … and consequently, money is leaving the bank account! It’s definitely an exciting time.

Old Glory Distilling Co. will be located in Clarksville, TN. Bourbon will be the primary product, but as with many of you here, unaged spirits will be what keeps the lights on while the bourbon ages.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet or speak with a few of you already, and I can't wait to meet many more of you in the near future.

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Hi Matt,

Welcome and I look forward to following your progress. I help many of the new Distilleries with their labels so when you are ready to source your labels, I'd be glad to come by and see how we (SGS) can help.

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