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Cream liqueurs

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you need to look into emulsifiers and structural agents for this kind of product... There are a lot of alternatives out there but to produce a susessfull product you can sell I would say it is nessesary... Then mix the cream (or milk/hydrocolloid mixture you decide on) with the alcohol... if you want to add other flavors (such as chocolate) I would macerate it in the alcohol before-hand and you might need some carageenan or something of that sort to keep it in suspension.

basically to produce a good cream liquor I would say study your additive chemistry or else it will separate or have a less then perfect texture profile (very important here) Also you probably don't want to use pure cream these days since it's expensive and people are health conscious but then again that could be your thing...

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Call creamy creations or ultrapure they can get you there already cream base with alcohol in it.

If you're trying to mix regular cream and alcohol together then it all boils down to having the same pH in the tolerances are very close. But it can be done. You will need some stabilizers such as salt and some other products so that it won't separate. But the main problem is you have to have the correct pH.

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