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Small R&D Still - Steam Jacket


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I'm looking for a small R&D still that is steam jacketed. I have a still with an element set now but it has problems with thick mash and particularly rye. I can't realistically run on good tests with rye mashes on the element without slightly burning the mash.

I work indoors so I don't want to use open flames. Does anyone know where I can buy a small steam jacket still for test runs or does something like that not exist?

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There are "hot oil/glycol" temperature controllers that are powered by electric elements, common in the plastics/optics industries for close temp control and heat up of a mold before pressing. The PID controller will control whether it is in "heat" mode or "cooling" mode. They are available with 4 Kw and up heaters, normally 460/3/60 but can be purchased with 230/3/60. Basic ones are about $2,000 but if you need special wiring codes, the price jumps quickly.

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