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Two power sources for still


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Hi everyone,

I'm on a roll with all the questions I've been asking, thanks for all the help....

Anyone ever use two sources of power for their stills - for example, direct fire for heat up to boil, and then electric for the actual run. I don't think we want to get into the realm of a boiler yet - for capital reasons... but heating up a 200 gallon still with electric alone, plus running a 100 gal spirit still takes a lotta amps... And I must admit I'm a bit afraid of high proof spirits and open flame... hence using direct fire for heatup only....

Am I crazy?


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Yes. I've had that issue with distilling rye on the grain. I agitate until I get to about 155 and then close the still up and lower the amps on the elements a bit. About the first half of the run works fine (no burning) but with rye (haven't had the same problems with other grains) the rye eventually starts to stick to the element and eventually burn.

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Interesting idea. With the mash already roiling from a boil, would you need to worry about directly immersed elements burning an "on the grain" mash? Has anyone using immersed elements ever burned the wash _after_ the boil started?

you would need elements with much higher surface area to watt ratio. you can find these easily, but they are expensive.

$300 compared to $15

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