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How to handle requests for promo items?

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We're a small outfit, 1200 sq', one man band sort of outfit. I don't have any promotional items other than t-shirts. I got an e-mail from a guy who says "we are fans, customers and now servers of your rum." they go on to wish us the best and then ask that we send them some xxl t-shirts and some promo items to "class up the place". That place being their private bar.

A quick google search of the address given returns a picture of a tiny yellow house in a residential community, so I think "private" means "my house".

How would you best handle this sort of thing? Polite pass? Offer a discount? Ask for their state license number that all bars, public and private have?

While I'm flattered that someone WANTS my stuff, I don't like being scammed.



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Name: mike wentz

Email: vulcan46@yahoo.com

Message: Hello,

We are serious fans of you're rye whiskey,we love it and serve it in our private bar here.We stock it up well and the popularity is through the roof now.We want to wish you continued success.

Please,please send a couple of xxl shirts and some promo items to class the place up.It would mean the world to me.Thanks for you're time.

mike wentz

2628 w49th st.

davenport,ia 52806

Just checked me email, and had this same request.. lol..

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