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Not quite the same but we actually had to change our name a week after our DSP was approved .... I ended up having to call (@ 6:00 am MST worked) and someone walked me though it ... All done online took about 2 weeks to get approval .... Thanxxx...Brian

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To be clear, if you continue to put put the name that you applied under on the back label under distilled by, or bottled by, you ought to be able to put whatever 'brand' name you wish on the front label so long as it is what you submit with your COLA, right?

as in, you could have a brand name of 'xyz spirits' bottled by your dsp 'jones distilling co.' is that correct? we have decided not to market our applied for distillery name, instead to use a new branded name for our products. I wasn't aware that we would need to reregister this except in our COLA application.

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