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So my COLA application got kicked back with a "Application needs correction" There were two notes, one was a more generic looking note about 27CFR parts 4,5,7 and 16 but there was this language in the additional info box..

"The alcohol content statement is required to appear in item 13 step 2 of application and not proof"

Are they looking for a basic description? My CFR book is at the distillery and I'm not able to get there today to reference those CFR parts so I was hoping someone could give me some insight.


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Is your proof statement in parenthesis? I think it needs to be separated from the ABV statement.... from the BAM which I know isn't the CFR...

Alcohol content may be expressed in degrees proof in addition to the required
alcohol by volume statement. If the proof is shown it must appear at least
once on the FRONT of the container with the alcohol by volume statement
Be set off by parentheses, brackets, dots or otherwise distinguished from
the alcohol by volume statement
May not be more prominent than the alcohol by volume statement
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