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Custom labels for events

Palmetto Coast

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sdjowne's advice is correct. The above reference is in fact the link to which you want to go. And if you are selling to the utlimate consumer, as you would be if you sold for events like a birthday or wedding, it is in fact a personal label and the rules in that link apply.

TTB issues a word of caution in that circular and you should take heed;

You should not confuse personalized labels with customized private labels created for purchasers other than the ultimate consumer. Such private labels may bear a brand name or artwork that is specific to the purchaser who is buying the product in order to sell it to consumers. For example, a distilled spirits, wine, or malt beverage industry member may create private labels for customers who may include other permittees, retail stores or restaurants. This guidance document does not apply to such private labels, which are subject to the same requirements as other labels.

If you are selling out of your gift retail space, at retail, to consumers, you are good to go under the rules for personal labels. If you are selling to someone for resale, it is a “private label” and all the normal rules apply. I think that you propose the personal, rather than the private, label and that djowne's reference is spot on, but I did want to bring to your attention the difference between a "personal label" and a “private” label, if only for future reference. It is easy to get confused.

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