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Stinky Low Wines

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On two separate occasions, I've been stripping a fermented mash which has yielded some pretty smelly low wines (though I wouldn't say it's a vinegar smell like some others have noted). On each of these occasions, I'd say the fermentation ended 2 days prior to me stripping (the exception, not the norm). This makes me think something is going on during that 2 days, but I'm not sure what exactly...

Here's the interesting thing ...

The first time this happened (weeks ago), I tucked the low wines away in the corner in a poly tote. As time has gone by, I've now noticed that they don't smell anymore. Furthermore, they seem to taste fine (as low wines go....).

Debating what could have caused this and whether or not to distill or dump. Thoughts?

P.S., leaving fermentations in that long isn't common for us, and we hit the fermenters with PBW and StarSan very regularly.

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You should run them. It is probably better spirit.

In the past I've always stripped mash through my column which probably cleaned it up a lot more. I just did another alembic strip with a fermentation that just ended, so it did not sit past its prime. Looks like my alembic low wines just stink pretty bad, until they oxidize a bit.

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When I give folks a tour of the distillery, I tell them this about the low wines, "They don't look good, taste good or smell good. It's not something you would buy in a store." Then I have them see, smell, and taste some low wines. Next, we taste a finished run to compare.

Finished run always looks, tastes, and smells better.


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