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Hello from northeast Tennessee.

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First post to this forum. Hoping to gain knowledge and make some new friends on the legal side of things here. I've been involved in making whiskey and brandy for some time and have finally gathered enough good equipment and knowledge to make it viable to open a distillery here in Tennessee. That and now it's a realistic option since they have eased the laws on distillation here in Tennessee.

I'm awaiting my boiler to be delivered ( Saturday) and my applications and registrations to go thru. Then it's down to set up and inspection.

As far as my equipment, it's mostly designed and built by me. Helps a lot knowing how to weld and fabricate, also saved me a great deal of money as well. When I get it all set up I'll post some pics of it all.

I'll give details on what and how I built what I have when I'm not so pressed for time

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Welcome, and the best of luck. Where are you setting up? My operation promotes all local distilleries as we have close proximity to I-81 and am an epicenter for tourism. We have you, mellomoon, Davis valley, AMS, and a couple of others coming on line.

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