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Well I'm taken a couple of weeks off to escape the cold in Maine and sitting here in Montserrat thinking about how we're stacking up with our production. We opperate a 60 gallon pot still with a thumper and run 45/50 gallon batches, twiced distilled and then barreled. Started production mid July '13 (so about 6 months) and we have got 450 PG on oak. We're very satisfied with our results, well except for the 3 Big PITA mashes that got away from me while chatting with customers a couple of times. Oops, found out you could turn Corn & Rye into cement.... Now the timers work and all, but when you trun them off, do what your supposed to do and stop talking and pay attention to the mash. Lesson learned. So as stated in the topic I'm jus't wondering volume wise how we stack up.

Enjoying the views,


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Of course there is no right answer, but if your getting average conversion. Your make 4.3 pg per day, 5 days a week. Pretty average I think. We make 10-12 pf per day on two 30 gallon runs with Miss Kelsey, and Miss Dana puts out 35 -40 per run. The small still just won,t keep up with demand and Miss Dana is just getting warmed up.

I work three jobs, 90 hrs a week, and have not paid myself in three years, continue to expand, looking for capital under every rock. So it all depends on your end game.

If your happy and paying the bills, keep on trucking.

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Well I guess it is a bargain. And certainly quiet since almost everyone left after the devastation about 15 years ago. Entirely dependent on foreign aid, most of the island an off-limits exclusion zone buried under volcanic ash; to each his own I suppose. Maybe I'll pop down and poke around in a few weeks. Want to go halfsies in a distillery?

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