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Greetings from Minnesota

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Greetings from Minnesota. I've been lurking around for about the past year, reading and learning, and thought I'd finally introduce myself.

I'm starting a distillery in Minneapolis, MN called Wander North. It's been about three years in the making, and I've buying my equipment, awaiting DSP approval, and finishing the build out.

Thanks everyone for all the passing along of knowledge.

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Hello, I have been working with another distillery in your state on their chilled water system to take advantage of the colder climate.

Good luck and if you need any anything on the chilled water side, give me a shout.



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Craftersglass - it all depends on how you define accommodating. The annual permit fees for the state dropped from $30,000 a year to $1,000 for small producers a little over a year ago. The Guild is working to get approval for paid tasting rooms (law changes), which would be huge. But, as I've read here numerous times, it comes down to working with the local officials. Since it's new, and different, it's taking a fair amount of education and effort to get permits and approval. No one is actively fighting against us, and there are a lot of consumers out there really excited for made in Minnesota, from Minnesota grain, libations. The local brewers that I know have been more than helpful in guiding, and offering advice. And, they all want to know when they can get their hands on some used bourbon barrels!

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Hello all,

I am new to this board and this thread. I own and am currently remodeling a classic historical circa 1919 brick Northern Pacific Railroad passenger station/freight house in NW MN which would be a perfect site for a microdistillery. One mile from 94. One hour from the Osakis Distillery. Lots of summer Lakes Country tourism.

Would have at least 600+ sf for mashing and still, more for bottling, and probably 2000 sf of one and a half story unheated warehouse, Lots of cargo doors. And a sexy passenger terminal for the tasting room.

Looking to lease or partner. Serious interest feel free to contact me directly for more details !

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