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Recirc heater instead of boiler

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Seventh son, I would like to see a diagram of how that is set up. a simple hand drawn thing would work. Where to put the elements and how you circulate the water? I like the idea to use this type of system to start small rather then make a fairly big investment only to later make a huge investment. With only so much money to go around these kinds of innovative solutions could get me step by step to each level.

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NEPA, I was wondering, if you are running more than once a day, have you thought of an external heat exchanger to chill the mash. To try to do that much jacket cooling in a day with below 50F water is a toughie, you are going to need a pretty large Chilled Water Tank and run at higher HP, I would guess.

Unless you are dealing with small mash Gal/day, crash cooling for less than an hour with a mash exchanger gets you over to the next step a lot faster.

You pay for the hardware now, but you reduce the KW for the life of the equipment by more with the frequency you use the chiller, so your payback is fairly short.

Just my thought.


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