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Tasmanian Whisky Trail website


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The Tasmanian Whisky Produces Association has put together a website to promote our industry

For those who are interested in what is happening around the other side of the world,

click here http://taswhiskytrail.com/

NEPA-still-chillin do you remember much of this or did you have too many free tastings?
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There was an article on the CTV mobile app today...lots of information on the Tasmania whisky scene. Very cool!

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Hey peteb, I think your whisky trail web site has herpes or something? It's crashed my computer the dozen times I've tried to look at it. Almost came up once, then crashed and erased my web browser, history, and all my open tabs. That sucked. Scrounge

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A bit of bragging for our little island

The International Whisky Competition Chicago has just announced the winners for 2014...

World Whisky category-
Lark Distillers Selection 46% GOLD MEDAL

Lark Single Cask 43% GOLD MEDAL

Cask Strength Whisky category-
Lark Cask Strength 58% GOLD MEDAL

And also this accolade that I posted in another thread

Tasmania Distillery's Sullivans Cove takes world whisky title for single malt


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