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What do you want to know from Bartenders?


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Hello Again, ADI! Your members gave us an AMAZING amount of responses to our "Craft Spirits Super Survey." In the coming weeks, we'll be blogging about the results from over 300 Craft Spirits drinkers nationwide.

For now, we're putting together another survey! This one will be aimed solely at the people who sell Craft Spirits at retail -- bartenders, bar owners, managers, spirits buyers, etc. We aim to find out what motivates them to buy, recommend, and sell. We're also asking what they don't like in craft spirits as well as what kind of support or tools they want from distilleries...

What do YOU want to know? We're happy to include some questions that impact YOUR business! We'll be distributing the survey nationwide and hope to get some great feedback to steer this great industry. As usual, we will blog about the results as soon as we get a decent number of responses.

Feel free to respond to this post or email us directly at happyhour@fuelevents.net. If you want to check out our current survey, you can link to it from our home page (fuelevents.net) or here: https://www.surveyplanet.com/survey/eee37548bdb386a3bb221241a194936c

Thanks again for your ongoing help and feedback!

Jen & Erika

Fuel NW

Portland, OR

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I'd like to know what, other than price, can get my product into the well, instead of just the shelf. I'd also be interested to know how bartenders are using all the new moonshines on the market.

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The final survey has been published! If you have any friends who are bartenders, bar owners, managers, etc ... please hit them up to take this survey! Once we have sufficient results, we'll write about what we learned with respect to selling Craft Spirits to retailers! Final survey link here:


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