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Hello from Montgomery County MD

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Hello I would like to introduce my self to all. I am in the process to open a Distillery in Maryland, near Washington DC.
I would like to know if any one could help me with some information in Equipment. As a small distillery What do you all recomemt?

I do thank you for the help.

Regards from Twin Valley Distillers.

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Today the Controller of the State of Maryland called, and asked me "when do you want your license for your distillery." I said tomorrow. And they said ok. But they subjected to me to do it the first of May. Because here in Maryland the licenses will go from May 1st to April 30th. So I will be going tomorrow to pay my Distilling license for May 2014 to April 2015. I big mile stone was completed in Montgomery County Maryland. as the first Distillery in the County. Cant wait until next month.

I would like to thanks everyone who has help me and not. I have read allot of your post and have help me allot.

I also would like to thank the Maryland Home Brew in Columbia Maryland to help me for the last 13 months to make this idea and dream come true. They are very happy someone created a business from all the knowledge those guys will offer for free.

Thank you for Koval in Chicago to show me what I have to do to open a Distillery. Jose Hernandez Owner of Copper Fiddle Distillery for all the help over the phone. And It was my seat mate in the Koval class back in July.

I also would like to thank Mr. Michael Lowe owner New Columbia Distillers from Washington DC., for all the help; and Ben from Lyon Distilling in Saint Michaels Maryland.

Thank you and my wife to deal with all the staff I did to make this Idea come true. As they said all great ideas come from the Garage.

I will hope to make a difference in this business and would like to make a Legacy not a job.

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