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Unique whiskey glasses for tasting room / retail

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Hi all,

We've been selling these little whiskey glasses from our online store and have seen some good traction with them. We're friends with the designer, and he is selling them in stores in Indiana.

For those of you outside of Indiana, we can offer them to you at wholesale price ($7.75/each plus quantity discounts), with an agreement that you won't sell them online or in the state of Indiana.

They make for a great combination nosing/tasting glass, feel great in the hand, and look very unique.

I've written about the reasoning behind the design, and created some graphics you can see at the bottom of this page:


We sell them for around $11 each online, but I think you could easily sell them for more if you are selling from a physical location like a tasting room. The education and experience of tasting using the glass really sells itself.

I also had some postcards printed out with an infographic describing the glass, which I would be happy to include with any orders. I left a space on the bottom right of the card where you can stamp your logo.

I'd be happy to ship you one at cost if you want to try one out.

I'll also be at ACDA in Denver this weekend (3/13/14 - 3/16/14) and will have a few of these with me if anyone wants to try it out.





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We do a $0.15 quantity discount at 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 (so 7.60, 7.45, 7.30, 7.15 respectively).

But I can do 7.60 for 36 glasses.

I'm getting on a plane to denver now. Shoot me an email with your address and I will get a glass in the mail to you when I return. Quirk@cardinalspirits.com



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Salishesea: we can do $7.30 for 200, so $1,460 total.

As for glass size and the properties I find the nose works just as well with a smaller volume, but you should try it first to see for yourself. Shoot me an email with your mailing address quirk@cardinalspirits.com



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