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I apologize if there is a thread that I have overlooked whereupon this has already been addressed but I am in need of record keeping materials. Specifically, a spreadsheet that someone has used and successfully submitted to the TTB to replace the 5110 forms that they would not mind sharing. I'm not looking for commercial software, just a simple entry log that may auto-populate a form that can be submitted to the TTB. I will create my own but if someone would not mind sharing theirs it would prevent me from having to re-invent the wheel. Thank you in advance for your help.


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I know you don't want to spend money on commercial software, but this is an area that you should actually buy. I use the package from Whiskey Resources. Donald is a great resource and he has flexibility in working with small distilleries to customize something to your needs. Yes, you can re-intent the wheel and then give it to Dave, but think about the time and energy that could be spent making products or marketing them.


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+1 on Whiskey Resources (Donald) and his product (which we use). You can hit these forms cold, climb the torturous learning curve, amend reports ad-nauseum, figure it out in 6-12 months -- or you can get his software and instruction. It means getting it right and proper from the jump. I wish his kit had been around when I started TTB reporting.

A word of kind advice: spend the (reasonable amount of) coin, get the software, make this crappy part of the business easier.

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