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New Jersey Checks In!

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As some or most of you may know, NJ enacted its craft distillery legislation last August. There is currently one craft distillery operating under the new law, as of a few weeks ago (with apologies to the guys at Jersey Artisan, they don't count because they opened under a plenary license) and another operation is probably a few months away.

We're right behind them, if our schedule holds to task.

I'm looking forward to some great conversation here and I'm sure I'll have questions in the near future, although I've already had a number of those questions answered via previous lurking.

Best to all!

Old Spye Distillery



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Thanks, Mike!

We have a pretty advanced (read: complex) 5 year business plan that ramps us up to a facility relocation in Year 4. For now we're "starting small" with a 100 gallon setup and plan on spending the first 3 years building inventory and brand recognition and squirreling away all of our cash.

Since we want to be fairly "green" throughout the operation, recirculative cooling is definitely in the plan. I just need to make sure it fits the budget! :)

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The guys down at CMY are probably just about as far off (although they say they've already gotten their DSP) because we have the same copper guy.

Yeah, let's talk for sure. I've suggested the same sort of state organization to Jim Yoakum down at Cooper River. Competition is one thing, but there are definitely areas where we can work together, as well.

I'll shoot you a PM with my number.

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I am working with an individual who is also planning to open a New Jersey based craft distillery.

It will likely be in the region around Morristown NJ or a reasonable driving distance from there. He is hunting now for the location.

It is at the moment unnamed, but he has already ordered all of the equipment with a long lead time (stills, fermentation tanks, etc) and we are tentatively planning for early 2015.

The licensing process in New Jersey appears to be about 3-6 months according to the lawyer.

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I actually agree with that. I've spoken to a number of erstwhile players in the burgeoning NJ market and I have to say that overall there's been a strong sense of camaraderie - with some very isolated exception.

Here's the way I see it...

(and I must apologize in advance and forever, because you'll find that I tend to not do a great job of keeping my opinions to myself)

The requisite elements of this thing of ours (Jersey term!) aren't dissimilar from other business pursuits. You need talent, passion, creativity, ingenuity, integrity, drive, sacrifice, humility and, of course, some money to get yourself started and keep things bubbling along in the early days.

It's inevitable that we're going to find in our peers limitless combinations of those qualities in varying degrees.

It's similarly inevitable that, from time to time, we'll encounter some folks who possess all but the last of those things in... very limited quantities.

But, as a wise man once said - in the end, the Universe tends to unfold as it should.

I got into this because I've been waiting most of my life for an opportunity to do it. It's in my blood. I'm not looking to get rich, I'm looking to put forth a product that I'm proud of, that my grandfather and his grandfather would have been proud of.

Meet some people.

Have some fun.

Drink some good whiskey.

Tell a story or two.

The definition of success is a highly personal thing. How to achieve it becomes, in effect, our own vision quest - it's illusory and tends to be relatively intangible. The only thing that's for certain is... you can't buy it.

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