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Clamp on Agitator for Mash Tun/Fermenter


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We are looking for a clip on agitator that can be easily attached to a wooden cypress fermenter. We plan to use it for mixing a mash (we will pump from a mashing vessel into the fermenter but use the cooling coils in the fermenter to do the crash cool) while it cools. We need something that can be moved from fermenter to fermenter and that won't damage the side of the fermenter during use, etc. Since the mash will be finished (just hot), we shouldn't need too much mixing, just enough to keep it moving around the cooling coils to drop temperature. Any recommendations for a provider and sizing? Our largest fermenter should be 750G.


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If we're talking 750 gallon, a "clip on agitator" might not be a great option. First of all, a wall mounted agitator will enter at an angle, which is not optimal. Second, for heavy mixes and mashes, a sweep agitator is indicated, and if you "clip" it to the side of a cypress tank, the torque could make a lot of splinters. Third, an agitator for a tank that big is going to be so heavy that having it be removable is of questionable value.

I'd recommend engineering a crossbeam that can clamp securely to both sides of the tank (probably out of C channel steel or stainless) on which an agitator motor and gearbox are mounted. If the agitator sweep can be removed from the shaft easily (not an easy thing, but perhaps a non-tapered cut key or square drive) then removing the agitator should be easy for a two-man crew, or with a forklift.

For tanks of 200 gallon or less, a clip on agitator might still work, but I'd just scale the above idea down. You could make half circle lids that are attached to the crossbeam as well, which would cut down on splatter while the agitator is working. Don't forget that people working with agitators REALLY REALLY want VFD's.


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Dehner...Would you mind emailing me regarding building your own agitator? We're looking to purchasing agitators now but have built most of our equipment to date...seems like a waste to stop the trend now.....but frankly i'm a little lost on agitator design.

Any help would be appreciated


Jon Good

Green Door Distilling Company.


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