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Old dairy equipment, value?

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Just found this at a surplus sale. It h was a pump, agitator, heat exchanger, and a 200 gallon capacity. The surplus sale was closed today, so I couldn't get any closer pictures.

Thoughts on value? I'm hoping to use this as a mash tun.




Will this work as a mash tun with minor modifications? Thoughts on price? I can post more pictures of the inside tomorrow.

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Typically dairy tanks go for quite a bit from surplus suppliers. When I was looking at tanks they typically were $1000-2000 from dealers.

I ended up finding a 400 gallon tank (with working motor, no compressor) for a few hundred dollars from a local farmer, we are going to use it for mashing as well.

Just a FYI with that tank being more vertical than horizontal, you may have some difficulty scooping out the grain.

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Yup, it's worth up to $2000, easy...so if you can get it for less, take it.

If you can't, and you still want something like that, there are LOTS of online dairy/pharma/brewery/beverage used tank resellers. I like bidonequipment.com

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You guys in dairy country could make a mint driving those tanks out to the East Coast. $300-400 for that tank? I'd buy and resell that all day long, easy $1,500.

There's already companies who are on the ball and looking for tanks. They show up with all the men and equipment required to pull/lift the tanks out of barns and onto their trailers and they typically have the ability to head out and drive a few hours the same day they hear about a tank.

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