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My name is Jimmy and I run a small distillery in Taiwan. At the present time we are running a 200L, 6 inch, 8 plate still, as seen in the first photo. We have quickly outgrown this still and are looking to buy much larger one.

This still pictured in the 2nd and 3rd photo is the still that we are considering. 1000L, 12 inch, 16 plate still. Don't have any experience with this type of still and would like to read about it and know how to operate it before we make any decisions.

Does anyone have a link to an operation manual for this kind of still?

Thank You




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That looks like an Artisan still. I guess you could ask Steve if you are looking to buy it from him. If it is someone who just copied his design I imagine he isn't interested in helping you out. Since I don't see "Artisan Still Design" stamped on the autodesk plan, then I guess it was someone stealing the design so I don't think we can help you.

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Please excuse my ignorance. I did not realize these were stolen. I don't have much experience with these larger stills. I just went to alibaba found some still and got some quotes.

I am not interested in a knockoff. Also thought it was a bit strange when they didn't have an operation manual.

Thank you, I will investigate the stills over at artisan still designs.

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They are all made in China by the same people. So of course they look the same.

to correct your statement, no this is not made by our factory. there are any number of factories who will claim to make our equipment on Alibaba, but none do. Our Factory does not advertise on Alibaba because we do not advertise on Alibaba.

there are many rip offs of our designs, and some on these forums have purchased them, and they can tell you the horror stories of trying to get them running, as they are built by companies trying to replicate external appearances with NO understanding of how these systems work.

Once I was worried about these rip off companies riding our coat tails, but not any more. It may sound smug, but It is clear to anyone paying attention these copy cats are nothing like ours.

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